BBQ Tools

Spatula, Fork and Tong


Mill design for ro by Jakob Wagner


Salt & Pepper Mills


H2 design by Jakob Wagner


On-Ear Headphones


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Primo & Duo

Double-Wall Carafe


BBQ Tools is an exclusive set of tools that upgrades any type of grill and makes the summer barbecue moments unique.

The three tools are designed in soft curves, with an eye for details which makes the steel strong, practical and durable in use. The tools has a smooth grip, the weight of the tools is balanced and pleasant when used at the hot grill. The tip of the fork has been strengthen and the tong is made to have a durable flexibility.

The tool set consist of a spatula, a fork and a tong – all with a handle designed to hang on the side of the barbecue grill.

On the table or in the kitchen, the mills expression is very simple, sculptural and full of character.

The wood gives the design a pleasant surface with personality and warmth. Ash wood is a living material that provides various tones and a beautiful play of colors in the wood grain.

Mill is made both in natural ash wood and in a dark tint stain which gives you the opportunity to use them as a set of traditional salt and pepper grinders but the combinations are many. Mill has a light oil treatment, which makes it easy to clean.

BeoPlay H2 is an ultra flexible, on-ear headphone featuring a superior sound experience and inline microphone and remote for hassle-free control. BeoPlay H2 is always on: fashionably, comfortably, effortlessly on, matching your identity and lifestyle.

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Pick Up

Magazine Table


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Couch Table


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Dining Table


Pick Up table gives us the freedom to be nomads in our homes and choose where to read, work or think different; in bed, in the sofa or on the terrace.

The handle embedded in the tabletop is the essential part. With one hand the table can be picked up, in perfect balance, even with a cup of coffee on it.

The conical base provides an intuitive way of organizing magazines and newspapers. Turn it till you find it.

The frame of the Branch table is made of identical aluminium elements that come together to form a unified whole. The elements connect seamlessly in a continuous movement, creating a complex yet logic base that makes a very stable and light table. One single component is repeated 3, 4 or 5 times to create a family of tables. Easy to assemble and takes little space to transport. The top is available in glass or medium-density fiber board, lacquered white, anthracite or mud, and in natural oak or wenge-stained oak; the frame can be chrome or lacquered in the same colour as the top.

A single piece, moulded and continuous, with no joints, exploits the properties of Cristalplant® to achieve a very smooth and soft material effect.

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Milk Jug


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Beolab 19

Wireless Subwoofer

Bang & Olufsen

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Around-Ear Headphones


With the shape of the jug I wanted to tell a straightforward story about its functional anatomy: A large hole to fill the jug, a small hole to pour, a low centre of gravity, and a middle area to get a firm grip. At the same time I wanted to create a flowing balance between these four elements in a way that makes them come together in an organic unity, like a heart and its veins or a tree and its branches. The end result almost makes the jug come alive.

Enhance the mood and depth of a cinematic experience with BeoLab 19’s exceptional bass accuracy while the distinctive lines and dynamic elegance channel the raw impact of its stunning power.

To top it off, the freedom of wireless simplicity allows you to find the perfect spot for BeoLab 19 in your home.

BeoPlay H6 is crafted from luxurious materials and makes a bold statement in terms of design. With a choice of black or natural leather, it is a perfect match for the style-conscious consumer who refuses to compromise quality in sound, design or craftsmanship.

The ear pads are made from soft lambskin, and the headband from the more rugged cow leather, a combination that ages well and only looks more beautiful with use.

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In Ear Headphones


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Beer Opener

Bottle opener


Crafted from a solid block of metal, BeoPlay H3 is an ultra-light earphone that stands on the shoulders of its predecessors, carrying forward the traditions of precision acoustics and craftsmanship, of building products that are able to reproduce the original sound material as authentically as possible. It’s a design that honours tradition but meets today’s demand for style.

The incorporated handle gives the impression of being sculpted from a single block of Corian.

With its thoughtful design and simple functionality, this ergonomic bottle opener is a quality luxury tool for the good times. The bottle opener comes in a beautiful gift box and is a perfect gift idea for any of summer’s many festive occasions – grill party, graduation party, Father’s Day – and not least as a beautiful gesture to the host who has everything.

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Drägerman PSS 500

Fire-fighter breathing apparatus


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Candle Holder


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Spice Mills


The PSS 500 represents a radical paradigm shift for fire-fighter’s breathing apparatus. Instead of the traditional upright cylinders, the PSS 500 utilises 3 carbon wrapped spheres clad in a stainless steel-filled nylon housing, chosen for its intrinsically safe anti-static properties as well as it’s incredible strength. The use of lightweight, strong carbon wrapped spheres improves the ergonomics of the set, allowing for a lowered centre of gravity and reducing the overall footprint of the product. This allows firefighters to be more manoeuvrable in life-threatening situations, enabling them access to confined spaces previously inaccessible.

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Aladin Z Nitrox

Diving Computer


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Cutting Boards




Pot Holder


MENU Trivet Propeller plays with form and function whilst protecting your table top from heat, cold and liquids. The wings are slim and aerodynamic, giving them a light and airy appearance.

The blades of the trivet can be folded together, just like a fan, and save you a lot of space. Once folded, it will fit just perfectly into the cutlery drawer. Easy peasy.

The Aladin Air Z Nitrox diving computer has been designed for diving on Nitrox (oxygen/nitrogen mix with a max. of 50% O2) and air(21% O2). The diving computer displays the level of oxygen toxicity (CN O2%) and gives out warnings on oxygen toxicity and on high oxygen partial pressure(ppO2). Without exchanging the diving computer a diver can dive on different mixtures(Nitrox and compressed air) during the day. Using the dive planner a diver can determine the best mix for for a certain maximum depth and/or find out the maximum operation depth(MOD) for a given mix.

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Lounge Chair


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Candle Holder


Like a ray fish spreading its wings in shallow water, Ray invites you to put up your feet and take a break. The gently bent wings form the open and inviting armrest in the minimalist composition. Optional graphic stitching lends Ray additional character.

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TV Bowls

Multi Bowls


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Water Carafe



Wine Line

Equipment to enjoy wine


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Laptop Stand/Mount


The collar protects the glass and catches any drops that run down the outside of the carafe – and it also conceals a discrete lid that opens automatically when you pour. The lid keeps bugs, pollen, and leaves out of the carafe when you use it outdoors; and it also ensures that ice cubes, lemon wedges, mint leaves, berries and whatever else you might use to freshen up your water remain inside the carafe.

Equipment to enjoy wine

The Just Mobile AluRack™ is the innovative rear storage solution for your Apple iMac or Thunderbolt Display. The two-piece AluRack™ screws together through the hole in the stand of your iMac or Apple Display, creating a solid shelf without causing any damage to your computer. Crafted from high-grade aluminium and soft plastic, AluRack is the perfect compliment to your iconic computer kit and the ideal way to keep your desk clutter-free.

AluBase™ is the vertical stand for Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Crafted from a single piece of high-grade aluminium, the AluBase™ ships with soft plastic inserts to hold MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina and Macbook Air firmly upright.

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Tea Heater


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Chair and Barstool


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Jakob Wagner’s dining and conference chair has a flexible bent veneer back and an aluminium frame that is both light and robust. JW01 chair and barstool are inviting, although the design seems about as minimalist as can be. That is quite an achievement!

The form of the chair is characterized by two wooden parts joined together in a slender new anatomy. The split back relates to the human back, with its two strong and wide muscle running from above the buttocks to the shoulder blades. The chair also has a comfortable seat and a metal frame that provides good stackability.