Tools for transformation



At the core Rejoyn have a set of 5 values that we navigate by. They are guiding principles informing every choice we make and imbued in every piece of jewelry we design.

We are seeds
The notion that we all have unleashed inner potential for human growth is near and dear to our hearts. It is not about "destiny", or something predetermined. Just the idea that we are unique and show up with more authenticity if we cultivate it. Our unique gift that only we can give. Our purpose.
This seed is nurtured by feeling connected to our higher selves, each other and to the universe that we are embedded in.
The more we come into alignment with our purpose the more meaningful our lives become.

Open the senses
Our body is equipped with an amazing array of senses. They connect the real world "out there" with our awareness and creates our "inner reality" in real time. And as such they are used intensely by every contemplative tradition and every yoga class.